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Christmas in Cashmere

I hope you all had a fabulous Christmas with lots of family, food, and a few gifts here and there... My favorite gift has to have been my new Nikon D3100 which I loved playing with all day yesterday!

My family celebrates in our pajamas, but I still feel I should look a little presentable. I pulled out my favorite J. Crew pajamas and cashmere sweater for snaps in front of the 13 foot tall tree!


How was your Christmas? 


  1. So cute! Hope you had a fun Christmas! Also your dog is adorable!

    ~ Caroline

  2. Love everything about this! And finally a post on t.b.p., I guess it was worth the wait because this was so cute! Sp glad you got the camera.

  3. So glad you had a great Christmas. Your pajamas are totes adorbs! Love it!

    XOXO, Kate


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