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Loren Hope Clara Earrings

After arm parties, statements necklaces became the new jewelry trend... and after that, statement earrings.

I am a huge fan of statement jewelry and accessorizing to make a basic outfit extravagant. Buuut, I don't usually incorporate that into my own wardrobe... I don't wear statement necklaces, I rarely put on more than two bangles or bracelets, and I never change out of my big pearl earrings unless I'm not going to wear anything. I wouldn't call myself simplistic, I've just never splurged on jewelry before to try any of these trends!

Oh, but when I fell upon the Loren Hope Clara Earrings, I sort of changed my mind. p-e-r-f-e-c-t-i-o-n-!

clara earrings

Only one problem: which color do I choose?!

What do you think of statement earrings / the Clara earrings? Which color would you pick?

PS- Stayed tuned for more outfit posts next week!


  1. Oh my, those earrings are gorg! I'd pick the navy because they're a step up from the diamond, but a little more reserved than the pink, but you can't go wrong with any of them!


  2. I prefer statement necklaces over earrings- it depends on what you wear them with, but sometimes they can be a little distracting. I love these though because they're the perfect size so they don't overpower your face!

  3. the navy is actual perfection! I love that statement earrings add such a simple does of glamour.
    xx, bess


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