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As I mentioned, last week was Field Hockey tryouts at my school. Field Hockey is huge at my school because it's a no-cut sport, so we have five times. The order from worst to best is JV3, JV2, JV1, VR (Varsity Reserve), and then Varsity.

Last year was my first year playing field hockey, so of course I made the JV3 team. JV2 and 3 are pretty much equal, as they are both freshman teams, JV1 is mostly as sophomore team, and then VR and Varsity are mostly juniors and seniors, but of course there are exceptions everywhere.

Welllll, because I just love field hockey so much, I played a ton this year during off season, and guess which team I made?! Varsity reserve!!! I am so proud of myself!

I typically play defense but I actually play forward now as my coach had me try and it, and I like it so much better! My goal this season is to score a goal :) 

Wish me luck, our first game is tomorrow!



  1. congrats! thats such a big accomplishment! i row and im trying to make the top boat this year, so i totally get how amazing this is!

  2. So excited for you Frannie!



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