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I know I change my blog design allll the time, but I think we should all take a moment to respect that I kept it the same for almost 6 months ;)

I find it hard to stick to a "homemade" design because there is always something that could be fixed, compared to a professional design where everything looks immaculate. I think my new design looks rather professional considering that it is in fact, not professional.

I spent most of the morning googling and doing some serious trial and error with HTML codes. Let me tell you, adding a CSS is so much simpler than trying to find something in your blog's main, big HTML. I think playing around with this stuff is so much fun {call me a nerd!} and I'm really proud of some of the things that I accomplished!

What's new...
-New color scheme
-New header
-Tabs are more formal and positioned above the header
-Post titles are in all caps
-Break line underneath post title
-Sidebar has a border
-New social media icons (super cute, right?)
-New profile picture and about page
-New gadgets/gadget layout in sidebar

Isn't it amazing how such little things can make a big impact?

What do you think?


  1. Love the new design!! It feels very Fall inspired with the orange!!


  2. I love the orange - it looks great - well done! :)

  3. Love the new design! I'm dying to take the time and really update my own blog. I used to be super into HTML/CSS so we'll see how it goes!


  4. It love it! I may need you to do a facelift to my blog!



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