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I'm Back!

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope you are all starting off this new week well! I arrived home from the east coast on Thursday late afternoon and celebrated the fourth with JPS and E. I spent Friday afternoon, Saturday, and Sunday morning with jBm and then heading down to Lake Geneva for a little fun in the lake Sunday afternoon.

Without further adieu, here is my recap of my trip to the east coast!


So, I never really mentioned exactly what my whole trip consisted of. I basically only talked about NYC, but I went to three different cities during my eight day sojourn. Wednesday through Friday I was in NYC, Friday night and Saturday morning I was in Greenwich, CT, and Sunday through Thursday I was in Boston! 

Wednesday night the Rebecca Minkoff event was so much fun. The party was kind of hipster considering you could graffiti the walls, but I had an absolutely fabulous time at Rebecca's soon-to-be flagship store.

Along with meeting dozens of fabulous bloggers at the party, I got to meet Rebecca Minkoff, the designer, herself! She was so so so sweet and it was such a treat to get to chat with her for a minutes before she headed out.

Thursday morning my dad and I had breakfast at Maison Kayser. Oh my gosh, was this place cute. I had my first cappuccino and a chocolate croissant {so typ} and the waiters were absolutely fabulous deck out in their stripes and suspenders. So french; so fab.

The rest of Thursday consisted of shopping up and down Madison and 5th avenue. I had a fabulous time, although I only made three purchases {unfortunately, my purchase from the Kate Spade 789 Madison store was lost on the plane #depressed}

Thursday evening was blowouts at Dry Bar and Dinner at The Smith. Let me tell you, the blowout was easily one of my top moments. You had to experience it for yourself, it is unreal. As for The Smith, the Mac and Cheese was to die for. We ordered two of them because it was that good!

Friday morning was a jog around the Jackie O. reservoir at Central Park. The jog was about a mile and half, so it wasn't bad at all. The scenery was absolutely beautiful, and it was for sure the best jog of my life {thus far}.

So I said that the blowout was one of my top moments but ahh, Friday afternoon literally had my whole life beat. High tea at the Plaza was a dream come true.

I ended up picking the chocolate tea, but they accidentally messed up my order and served me the Eloise tea instead. I'm so happy they did because the food was to die for. I had 13 miniature desserts in typical Eloise fashion, accompanied by two scones that I drowned in lemon curd, and four different sandwiches, two of each kind . I absolutely loved the sandwiches. There were two cucumbers, two peanut butter and jelly, two strawberry and cream cheese, and two grilled cheese. The strawberry and the grilled cheese were rawther mahvelous {as Eloise would say}.

In Greenwich, we partied hard ;) at the yacht club. I was still clad in my Lilly since we had driven to Greenwich a little after our trip to the Plaza, so expect an outfit post soon!

On Saturday afternoon I made myself the most wonderful {virgin} mimosa. Ah, it was good.

I had an amazing time at the Red Sox game on Sunday. SarahBelle93x was there, and although I was sitting across the whole entire field from her, I still went to her section and tried to find her. Unfortunately I did not meet her {or see her...} but it's the thought that counts... ha

#feelingnautical I had been craving a lobster all week and I was head-over-heels excited when my aunt announced she was taking me out for dinner Tuesday night!

The shopping in Boston on Wednesday was so much fun! I had a blast popping into the adorable Vineyard Vines! {Bonus: every boy who worked there was an official preppy hottie aka my future boyfriend}

After shopping I tried Pinkberry froyo for the first time! I had the pomegranate flavor and it was no doubt the best froyo I've had in my lifetime. It was so delish.

Finally, Wednesday night I enjoyed some fabulous Boston fireworks to conclude my trip!

For more pictures, remember to follow my new instagram, @theblondeprep!



  1. Looks like such a fun trip!

  2. I went to the Boston Vineyard Vines two weeks ago, and I have to agree with you about the boys who work there! So cute.
    -Julianna {}

  3. That seems like an amazing trip Fran! I'm so jealous! And I'm so jelly that you met Rebecca Minkoff! I can tell you had fun!

    xoxo, Katelyn

  4. Ugh Fran take me with you next time....

  5. Umm... you were in Greenwich! That's where I live! Sounds like a great trip!



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