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Spring Must-Haves!

Hi friends! In honor of me being on spring break this week, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my "Spring Must-Haves"!

I mentioned that I am really trying to "rebuild" my wardrobe. Although I already have pretty much everything on this list (or some variation of it), I think it's still important to share because of how much importance each one of these items holds in a closet!

spring must haves
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Everything on this list is simply an essential. Really, you can build 18 (I may or may not have calculated...) different outfits from just these 10 items by mixing and matching tops, bottoms, and shoes. Each outfit would be adorable, too, because everything matches, no matter which pieces you pick!

Let's go through the list...

1.A striped tee in nautical navy and white
2. Silver Jack's
3. Navy J. Crew Chino's
4. A quality cardi in many colors, but especially pink!
5. Tortoise sunnies (preferably Ray-Bans!)
7. White skinnies (or straights!)
8. Simple and classic everyday jewelry! I wear pearl studs and my silver watch everyday, but I will hopefully decide on a silver monogram necklace soon to purchase!
8. A crisp button-down. Again, have a plethora of colors, but don't forget the white!
10. Sperry's!

What did I miss? What are your must-haves?


  1. I'm DYING to get a pair of silver Jacks!

  2. While I love the look of Jacks, they aren't too good for my knees! :( It is sad but I can't justify spending money on something so bad.COVETING those sunnies! {I see a purchase in my near future!!}


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