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Back From Break

If you watched that insane vlog of mine and E's, you would know that I got back from Florida on Saturday morning. Although I only spent 6 days in sunny Florida, it was just what I needed

We spent three days in Bonita Springs and three days in Miami. I enjoyed every minute of my time in Florida!

Here are some pictures from my trip... Enjoy!

We drove around a silver Beetle, aka the most fabulous car in the world and the newest model of the classic VW "Bug"

A view of the pretty palms from my spot poolside.


The sunset. Picture credit, my brother ;)

On Tuesday we went on a boat ride in the Everglades. Um, it was amazing.

Un fleur I spotted after a little shopping trip.

Poolside- again.

Poolside- ....again

A la plage

My Jack's, a la plage.

The J. Crew in Miami was like no other store I have ever seen. It was the definition of heaven- but actually.

Another sunset

et moi...

How was your spring break if you went?


  1. Great pictures, I had a nice spring break in Alabama even though it was a little chilly!!


  2. Looks fantastic! I just gave our daughter my silver convertible bug! I totally redid the interior in cheetah print with hotty pink heart accents! Her sweet 16 was Friday...and she passed her driving test! She has been cruising with the top down ever since!!

    Love and Hugs,
    Mrs. Kindergarten...aka...Madame Spoiled


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