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WILW :: Celebrating One Year

Hey everyone!! I can't decide if I want to continue with What I'm Loving Wednesday's or not... I just feel like they aren't that fun!! Let me know what you think!!

Today, I will still share what I am loving :)

Today is my one-year blog anniversary! I seriously never thought this day would come. My blog has grown tremendously throughout the year and I could not be more thankful for all of the people who have impacted my blogging experience thus far. I can't even begin to list the wonderful girls I have met, the opportunities I have been faced with, or the benefits that have been brought along with this little blog. I honestly didn't think I would be able to keep this blog going for a whole year and if someone told me that I would have 43,000 pageviews and almost 130 followers, I would have never believed them. Thank you again to everyone! You all mean so much to me!

Cheers to another year!


  1. Congrats girly!

  2. Congrats girl! You totally deserve every things that has come through your blog - i'm so glad that i've had the opportunity to meet you! :)

  3. Congrats, Frannie! I totally love your blog and the fact that we've become friends. You totally deserve every opportunity you've ever been given! Keep up the fabulous work :-)


  4. Happy blogaversary!! Check out my blog and become a member!


  5. Happy One Year!! I am a devoted reader and love your style!:)


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