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My Workout Routine

Hey hey, y'all! Just a mid-day Friday post because I felt the urge to post something else today!

So... I am going to be sharing my workout routine. I think it's pretty straight forward, as its just a list and shouldn't be too hard to follow along with, but I am going to talk about each exercise in further detail because I have weird names for some of my exercises and also, I simply just want to explain a few of the things. (oops.... run-on sentence...)

Without further adieu, here is my routine!

Treadmill - I start off my workout by hopping on the treadmill and walking on 4.0 until I get my music going. This usually goes until I'm about 1/5 of the way through one mile (.20) and then I run on anywhere from 7-9 MPH until I've completed one mile. I'm super weird about what music I listen to while I'm running, so I always listen to the same song on repeat and then sprint at the climax. My current favorite running song is "I Will Wait" by Mumford & Sons because when I listen to it, I can sprint on 9.3!! After the one mile mark, I usually power walk on 4 MPH with an incline of 7.5 until I've hit 200 calories and then I get off the treadmill. This only takes me about 15 minutes total.
Butt Backs - Ok, I technically have no idea what these are called. Basically, you stand at this little machine and put your foot on a peddle sort of thing and push your leg back and it works your butt. I do 15 on each leg on 50 lbs.
30 Plank / 30 Bike - This is like my thing. I plank for 30 seconds, do 30 bicycles, and repeat 3 times. I try not to take any breaks in between because that makes it that much harder. It really isn't hard at all for me in general because I do it so often, but it definitely works my ab muscles.
30 Second V-Hold - For this one, you lie down on the ground and raise your legs and shoulders so your body looks sort of like a V. Hold that for 30 seconds. Done! Usually people (including me) do this with your hands at your sides moving up and down...
Russian Twists - Get into crunch position with your back up off of the ground. I use a 10 pound ball and do 30 twists (technically only 15 because I count at each side) and take a 5 second break and repeat for a total of 60.
30 Bicycles
15 Crunches
10 Leg Lifts (Each)
10 Full-Body Crunches - Basically, your doing leg lifts but lifting both legs. To me, it's like a full body crunch. I don't know what it is about these, but I think they are super hard! I can only do 10.
30 Bicycles
60 Scissors - I'm pretty sure real scissors are a totally different move, but for this I lay on my back, put my hands behind my head, and lift my legs. I cross my legs back and forth (like cross them over from side to side) 30 times, take a break, and repeat.
30 Bicycles
30 Pull-Downs - I do this on one of the machines and I set the weight to 55 pounds and sit on the bench thingy and then just keep pulling my arms up and down. I do 2 reps of 15... pretty simple.
55 Leg-Ins - I don't know the real name for this (I think hip abduction or something?) but you basically sit in the chair kind of thing, put your legs on the outside of these giant pads (I guess you could call them that) and move your legs in and out. This really works your inner thighs. I do 35 on 55 pounds, get some water, and then do 20 more (it says 35 but I only did that many once) on 70 pounds.
30 Plank / 30 Bike
25 Squats with a 10 pound weight
Back-Ups - I didn't update the picture, but after my squats I do a few more things. First, I do two different back exercises. For these you lay on your stomach and lift up your back. I do 3 reps of 10. 
Half-Bridge - For this back exercise, lay on your back and set your feet and at 90 degree angle. Put your arms to your sides and lift your back. I do 3 reps of 10.
Rowing Machine - Pretty simple. I do this for about 10 minutes and then I'm done!!

In total, this workout takes me 50-60 minutes and I feel fab when I'm done! It also doesn't make me feel sore the next day!

What is your routine like?


  1. Hey Frannie, I love your blog! This workout routine is fantastic! I just created a blog today actually, I wold love some advice :)


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