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Lilly Spring 2013

I would be lying if I said that I liked Lilly fall, winter, and even the resort collections. To me, they were just awful. But the spring collection... I die. It is the best thing to happen to Lilly since the summer 2012 collection!! I am so obsessed with this spring collection, I just want it ALL!

Since I am sort of late posting about this and a ton of other bloggers have already share their favorite pieces from the collection, I am just going to share two dresses: my favorite and my mom's favorite. 

Whenever Lilly comes out with a relatively good collection, my mom and I sit down together and pick out our favorite dresses. My favorite is... Well actually... I have two favorites :)

I L.O.V.E. how 60's this dress looks!!! It looks like an original Lilly shift with the classic pattern, but it has a fun twist with the lace detailing!!! Perfection!!!

How cute is this?! I'm so in love with the idea of stripes and floral and I think the way that floral pops up on the side is just the best thing ever! The colors are also just perfect... LOVE!

And my mom's favorite is....
I personally think this pattern is a little weird, but I, too, LOVE the style of this maxi!! The keyhole and side slit are just fabulous!

What are your favorites from Lilly Spring?


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