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Liebster Award.... Round 3

Hey hey readers! I have been nominated at least 5 times since the last time I have blogged about the Liebster Award and I decided I really needed to answer some of these questions I have been asked! Because I have already been nominated 6 times previous to this post (see other post {HERE}), I am just going to be answering the questions and not nominating anyone else...

Without further ado, I was nominated by...
  1. Chelsea @ Sweet Peach Couture
  2. Caroline @ Pretty In Prep
  3. Grace @ Preppy On The West Coast
  4. Abi Jane @ Lilly Limes
  5. Charlee @ The Preppy Graduate
So here we go!

Chelsea's Questions...
1. What is your favorite place to travel? I really like going to Newport, RI over the summer!
2. Who is your favorite fashion designer? Oooh, tough! I really love Milly, Kate Spade, Tibi, Joie, and Lilly!
3. Diamonds or pearls? Pearls
4. Are you in a sorority? If so, which one? I'm in high school, but my mom was a Phi Mu and I really want to be in a sorority when I go to college!
5. Which season is your favorite? Summer
6. What is your #1 most played song on your iPod? Christmas by Mariah Carey..... #noshame
7. If you could change your first name, what would you change it to? Not sure, but I would rather be called Francesca than Frannie... I think Frannie is weird!
8. Sky dive or bungee jump? Oooohhh I don't know!!! I have never sky dived (proper grammar?) but I love bungee jumping!
9. What are your hobbies? Blogging, Field Hockey, Shopping, and other things I can't thing of right now :)
10. What is at the top of your Christmas List? (Can you tell how old these questions are?) What WAS at the top of my Christmas List was the Coach Legacy Penny in Emerald and I received it! Yay!
11. Favorite current fashion trend? Not sure... I really like denim shirts.... Is that a trend?

Caroline's Questions...
1. What is one item of clothing that you couldn't live without? Hmm... I'm not sure!
2. Do you see yourself living in the town that you grew up in? No, but I wouldn't mind it if I did!
3. What is your favorite season and why? Summer... It's warm and relaxing!
4. Do you have a specialty dish that you cook or bake? Nope
5. What is your proudest accomplishment? I'm not sure!
6. What was your favorite class in school? I've always liked math, not gonna lie.
7. What is the best piece of blog advice that you could pass on to other new bloggers? Be original and have fun!
8. Why did you start blogging? Because my best friend was and I wanted to be as cool as her HAHA!! But that's actually why...
9. What three words would your best friends use to describe you? Simply. The. Best. HAHAHA
10. What is your dream job? Working at Vogue :)
11. When was the last time you felt totally relaxed? Saturday

Grace's Questions...
1. What nail polish color is on your nails right now? Essie "It's Delicate"
2. All time favorite TV show? GOSSIP GIRRRLLL
3. Would you rather rewind or fast forward five years? Why? Oooh tough!!! I guess rewind, because I will still get to that one place I will be at in five years, if not a better place!
4. What's your favorite ice cream flavor? I LOVE Chocolate-Chip Blackberry fro-yo
5. If/when you get frozen yogurt, what are your go to toppings? I don't know!! I mix it up!!
6. What's your favorite thing about winter? Christmas :)
7. Are you a saver or a spender? Saver
8. What are you most excited about for this spring/summer? No school!
9. What is your favorite song of the moment? I Will Wait by Mumford & Sons
10. If you could meet any celebrity, who would you meet? Anna Wintour (She counts, right?)

Abi Jane's Questions...
1. Favorite brand? I guess J. Crew
2. If you could meet any historical figure, who would it be? Jackie O
3. What is your dream vacation? Summer in Italy or Paris
4. Would you rather live in the city or country? City
5. Advice for new bloggers? Be original and have fun!
6. Favorite study spot? My desk, I guess
7. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? I honestly have no idea... I seriously just hope I'm not homeless
8. What color is on your nails? Essie "It's Delicate"
9. Name 5 things that are within your reach. I'm going to take this literally and say: my phone, the keyboard, the mouse, my computer, and a pen.
10. What is a charity that means a lot to you? I think Make A Wish Foundation is seriously fabulous. Making kid's dreams come true is just so sweet!
11. What is something that most people don't know about you? Hmm... I'm left handed!

Charlee's Questions...
1. If you could have any career and be guaranteed to make a solid living and not have to worry about unemployment or actually getting the job, what would you do? Work at Vogue or be a fashion designer!
2. What was your favourite book when you were a kid? I loved Eloise
3. What kind of blog post do you most enjoy writing? Fashion posts probably, but I'm having tons of fun answering these questions!
4. Splurge vs. Save- what is your favourite "splurge" store & what is your favourite "save" store? Splurge: J. Crew (if that counts) Save: H&M
5. What is your dream car? Black Range Rover
6. Where do you want to settle down- Suburbs, Country, or City? City
7. If you could magically be really really good at any hobby/ extra-curricular, what would it be? Oooh, anything?? I would love to be good at drawing!
8. What are you most excited for in 2013? Turning 15!
9. What's your guilty pleasure? Eating food and online shopping....
10. What country do you most want to visit? France
11. What was your most memorable or favourite school year? (From Kindergarten to College) I've gotta say, I loved 8th grade.

Sorry if I bored you all but I hope this was at least a little fun!


  1. I loved reading your questions, and I think that Frannie is the most adorable name ever!! plus it fits your personality :)

  2. Yaaaay! I'm so glad you did this! My dream car is a Range Rover as well! #Twinning


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