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Hey everyone! I am so excited for Spring Break this year!! Last year we took a big trip to Hawaii (another post here), and this year we are going to Bonita Springs, Florida!! We are staying at a resort called the Coconut, how tropical!!

Not going to lie, I have only been to Florida once. We went to Orlando to Disney for Trick-Or-Treating  (yes, in October.... but trust me, it was fun!!!) back in fifth grade and we stayed at the most fabulous resort called the Dolphin. It was wonderful! So, clearly, I am super-duper excited to be heading to Florida for spring break this year! 

I have, naturally, created a small shopping list for myself of things that I would just love to take with me on spring break... 

Spring Break Mini Shopping List

Yes, you are seeing this correctly!! All I want to purchase is a 
Because these two items are relatively inexpensive, I'm hoping to purchase them both!!

Finally, I have created a small packing list for myself, as well!!! I have recently amped up my summer wardrobe a bit, and now I have plenty of items to take with me! Some of them include...

Spring Break Packing

5. A fabulous floppy hat!

Where are you all headed for spring break?

PS - While in Florida, I hope to splurge and buy a Lilly dress!!! ...but that's only a maybe ;)


  1. Fun fun!! Those shorts are DAR-LING. Perfect for a spring break getaway!


  2. Florida is so pretty! Have fun and pack lots of sunscreen! (:


  3. I have been looking for a cheap bandeau top EVERYWHERE! The only one I've been able to find is from Marley Lilly, and I think it costs $60, so I really didn't want to buy it. I'll bookmark that one from Etsy, though! And I definitely have to get that monogrammed cover-up... Adorable!


  4. Someone will be looking cute in FL!!!


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