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Ankle Booties + Jeans

Ankle booties paired with jeans is a combination I can not get enough of right now. From flat boots, to wedges, to heels, from leather to suede, there are so many options. I chose four pairs of boots that I LOVE right now and styled them!! (Just a note: I know that the outfits get sort of repetitive... sorry!)

I have already shared my favorite pair {HERE}, but I am going to share today three other pairs that I love almost as much!

1 // 2 // 3 // 4
(Do you like how I have three neutrals and then bright pink? Haha I did that on purpose :) 
The fourth pair is actually supposed to be a joke, but they're cute, right? HAHA!)

I've already shown these boots a few times before, so I styled them a little differently in this outfit. I think the shoes help pull together an otherwise lazy-day outfit with their fabulous-ness and charm! And I couldn't resist that sweatshirt :)

I obviously love these MacAllister's and the way they look paired with stripes and dark skinnies. Add a preppy accessory and you have yourself a fabulous little get-up!

I thought the Tory pair was ADORABLE and super laid back. I love the way they look with these J. Brand jeans and neutral tops and accessories.

Oh, the pink! I LOVE this outfit actually! The bright shoes function so well with boyfriend jeans and a boxy top! And how great of an addition are those tortoise sunnies?!

And finally, here a few oldie's (but goodies!) styling these booties...

Which pair do you like best? Do you have a pair? How do you wear them?


  1. i'm lovin all of these outfits! will you please be my stylist?? ;)
    those tory burch boots are soo cute!!

  2. Great post !! Love all the outfits

  3. Hi Frannie,I have been obessing over your blog lately it is amazing! I would like to feature you in my 'Favorite Blogs of January'. Would that be okay? You can contact me at My blog I would love to hear from you. Thanks so much!


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