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The Basics / New Purchases

Hey everyone! This past week I have been shopping like a mad women and I have no idea why. To be completely honest, of the things that I bought, only a few were actually exciting (I bought mostly random things that I needed)! But, nonetheless, I will share all of my new purchases!

First, I got a pair of Ralph Lauren socks. These were originally $15, but I got them for $12. They are made of angora hair so they are super warm and cozy. I got them in this turquoise/blue-ish color and I especially love the length because this length is what I prefer to wear to school with my skirt.

Next, I was in dire need of new leggings. I have three pairs of black leggings, but two pairs are too thin and the other pair, well, I don't exactly know where the other pair is... I popped over to TJ Maxx and picked out a simple pair of black leggings made by The Balance Collection by Marika (??). These were $17 and they so far seem to be really good quality! They are nice and thick and totally not see through! These are called the "sanded dry-wick" leggings ($52 from the retailer!).

Also from TJ Maxx I picked up another white Ralph Lauren polo. Really, you can never have too many of these, and since I stained the other one with chocolate (lets be honest, that will happen to every one of my shirts sooner or later...) I had to get a new one! This is a skinny fit and I really like the way it's cut! This was only $25, too, which is such a good deal!

Moving on, from Old Navy, I got a new pair of jeans. I don't wear jeans too often because I don't think they are that comfortable, but they are really a staple and it's good to have a nice looking pair or two. Before this pair, I only had two pairs and both of which were a little too tight. I picked out the Sweetheart skinny jean style and they are pretty comfortable. These are only $30.

Now, from Target, I got a few fun things. First, I just picked up this (non-clothing!) two-in-one base and top coat because me and my mom have really been needing a new clear coat. It is the Sally Hansen Double Duty clear coat and I believe it was around $4.

Also, a few weeks ago I tripped down to Tar-jay and picked up this most-wonderful fox dress! I saw this on one of SarahBelle93x's videos and knew I had to have it when I saw it in the store! My mom wasn't a big fan, as it is a little crazy, so I bought it with my own money. It was definitely a good deal though because it was only $25 and is made of a really thick sweater material. (Sorry, I couldn't find the dress on Target's website, and this picture is of me wearing it)

So this next shirt I am super excited about. It is also from Target and my mom and I scored it on clearance for $12! It is a denim button down, but compared to my other denim button down, it's actually cute! This shirt is sort of "rustic" looking, but the denim is really dark and I think it's adorable!

Lastly, from Target I got a pair of black velvet pants. These were also on clearance for $12! I really like these because I don't have a pair of velvet pants, and they look really cute with my new Target shirt, too!

And finally, this last purchase was EXTREMELY exciting! If you follow me on Instagram you know that I scored these for a fabulous deal and I wore them right away when I got them. These are the J. Crew bow print toothpick cords!! Originally $110, and on sale for $40, and then 30%, I only paid $30 for these babes! I. am. in. love. Online these are still $90 so I recommend checking your store first!
Have you made any new purchases recently?


  1. I love all those purchases! It's good to know I'm not the only one with a shopping problem haha!

    I love those J.Crew pants and good tip on the leggings, I always have difficulty finding a good pair!

    -Briana :)

  2. i have been shopping like a mad woman these past few weeks too - i blame the sales!
    everything you got it super cute!!

  3. Honestly, I've been shopping like a crazy person too! I totally agree with Chloe, it's because of all the sales! #shopaholicprobz #sorrynotsorry


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