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TB vs. CW

I read an article a few weeks ago in some magazine about Tory Burch and her ex-husband... Did you know that her ex-husband owns C. Wonder!?!?!

Apparently, as her ex-husband (Chris Burch) sees it, he was the opportunity for Tory behind her company. He payed for her first store and invested in it her brand at the beginning. When they got a divorce, he started his own brand, C. Wonder, to "imitate" Tory's brand but for less. C. Wonder is a major threat to Tory Burch.

(Bracelet:: $38/$125)
(Wallet:: $75/$225)
(Flats: $98/$250)

C. Wonder is noticeably cheaper, but Tory Burch is original and made with better quality items... Its hard to decide! I think in general, I like Tory Burch more because you get the "designer" feel of it and the style is a little more fun, but C. Wonder definitely has better prices!!

Not only is the merchandise similar, but Tory is frustrated with the logo and design of the C. Wonder store...

I personally think that sure, it is wrong that her ex-husband did this to her, but it's kind of nice to have a less expensive version of Tory :)

What do you choose: C. Wonder, or Tory Burch?


  1. How interesting!! I have to say that I have always preferred Tory. The prices at C.Wonder are still on the high side, and I feel like some of the things are overpriced. I like J.Crew clothing over C.Wonder as I feel like they are also similar is style. But after learning this, I think I am an even more dedicated Tory shopper hehe! I have always idolized her and been overly obsessed with her items. Thanks for this Juicy info, Frannie!! Fabulous post :)


  2. Yeah i think that's it's wrong that he did this too but it is always good to have a cheaper version like you said! But I still like Tory Burch better!


  3. This makes it so hard to decide which to like better! I'm definitely on Tory's side, but I can't help but love the prices from C.Wonder ;)

  4. Tory all the way... I think that's so wrong! Makes my heart sad for her... She's really made her mark and doesn't deserve to have that threat simply over marital issues BUTTTT I do agree it's cute and I like the price point, but I will be supporting TB!

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