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Guest Post From Mollie!

Hello! I'm so happy to be posting on behalf of Frannie for the second time! I hope she does well on her exams! Mine don't start until the 17th of this month! But those dates are like side view mirrors on cars - objects are always closer than they appear!

Today, I just wanted to share with you a super adorable pair of Kate Spade gloves I received for Christmas - the Over Here Mittens!

Aren't they the cutest? I had to explain to some of my friends the whole concept of them, but I bet you get it! I love the red detailing! I'm only now getting used to them. On the way to school the other morning I kept having to take them off to change my music (because you can't tap the screen with gloves) and I eventually gave up and was just like "Oh whatever, I'll listen to anything!"

I just recently started my own blog called The Classy Club. You can see it at! I hope you check it out!

Have a lovely day :)
- Mollie

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  1. I love the gloves! I bought my friend a similar pair of Kate Spade ones for her birthday :)
    xoxo Molly


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