This Week's Top 10

1. If you didn't see this swimsuit in yesterday's post, you have to check it out. Gray Malin x a bikini line?! It's seriously so cool.

2. The reasoning behind why we should stop using exclamation points is pretty convincing.

3. I am low-key obsessed with the Cosmopolitan snapchat discover thing... If you don't check it everyday, you're missing one of the best parts about snapchat, and I'm not kidding. (add me @franacciardo!) Anywayyyys, I love the stories posted on the discover, and this one is especially hilarious.

4. Net-A-Porter is having an amazing sale right now. I finally ordered these Nike's I'd been eyeing forever (for 60% off!)

5. The perfect classic trench, ideal for spring, for only $100.

6. Did you see the gorgeous home tour I posted about this week?

8. I am notorious for cancelling plans, and this is an ironically accurate analyzation of situations I usually find myself in. Anyone else?

9. I'm in need of a new phone case and I love this palm print option.

10. I ended up choosing this dress for Father Daughter from this post.

Do you have any fun weekend plans? I'm jealous of everyone with Monday off!


  1. I need to read the no exclamation points post, I always use so many and I don't think I could part with them!


  2. I love that scalloped dress! And those nikes were a steal, great buy!
    -Angela & Amy

  3. Frannie, excellent list of links, as always! I adore Gray Malin's work, so that bikini has my name all over it - thank you for sharing! :) I also enjoyed the exclamation point article, as it's a trend I've noticed more and more since I started blogging, and the Taylor Swift fan photo gave me a good laugh. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


  4. You inspire me to start doing a weeks top 10, such a great idea!



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