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Tips For Productivity

It's Thursday already?! What a week! I feel like I'm always saying that, but seriously, with a paper due tomorrow (crossing my fingers I do really well on this one!) and my first track meet tomorrow (eep!) things have been a little busy around here.

Anyways, today I wanted to talk about productivity. Procrastinating was sort of my talent in life up until Sunday night. I came home and found a new side table and lamp by my bed (#upgrade) and all my coffee table books organized really cute underneath... all courtesy of my lovely mother! I can't say there is a magic wand to cure everyone's procrastination issues, but that really worked for me. Now I'm almost obsessed with doing all of my homework right away so I can be in bed early and relax. Here are my tips on how I make that happen...


Get organized | For me, this means plopping my laptop down at my desk, whipping out my school supplies, and turning on Pandora so I can concentrate.

Make a List | I would never in a million years be able to do my homework if I didn't make a list first. Somehow lining up a bunch of empty check-boxes on a notepad and rewriting my agenda calms me. Anyone else?

Ditch Your Phone | Did you know that if you put a teenager on the other side of a room from their phone and it goes off, their brain will respond the same way as a crack addicts would if you put a crack addict across the room from crack?  Scary, I know. Well, probably like the rest of you, I am extremely addicted to my phone, and if I can manage to put it down while doing my homework I think we all can. One method I have is giving it to my mom which forces be to be away from it, or simply leaving it on do not disturb while I do my homework so eventually I just forget it's there.

A few other tips... listening to classical music while you do homework really helps. For me, I can not sit in silence while I study, but listening to music I like is so distracting. Also, if you ever notice yourself taking a "study break" for a really long period of time, just go to bed, Chances are you're not going to achieve much at that point, so just sleep off the extra time instead- people do not get enough sleep these days.

Any tips for me? As usual, I'm all ears!


  1. Great list! I love your lamp too! And I completely understand about to-do lists... I write multiple lists per day almost every day!
    xo, Scarlett

  2. i think we're the same person! i can't focus on any of my work unless my room is super organized and my phone is turned on silent and flipped over!


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