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Recent Thoughts on Makeup

You guys know that I rarely wear makeup, so it's probably not surprising that the thought of putting on makeup during this pandemic never occurred to me until I was "celebrating" my graduation this weekend. When I finally put on a little bit of mascara and highlighter on Saturday, it inspired me to purchase some new clean beauty products and think about makeup a little differently!

To give a little context, I went to an all-girls high school, so I never, ever wore makeup to school as a teenager. I never felt like I needed to impress anyone because I didn't! That in itself kind of instilled in me a sense of normalcy around not wearing makeup. Then, my first internship in college was actually at my high school, where again, I didn't feel a need to wear makeup. Of course, to look and feel more professional, I would put a little bit on, but never a full face. 

I obviously wore makeup in high school and college to parties, dances, and other events, but I've never been really good at doing it, so I usually just skip it altogether unless I'm going to something like that. With the exception of using Glossier's Generation G and my favorite eyebrow tool, I don't have an "everyday" makeup routine!

So, putting on makeup for the first time this weekend really made me think about it! In the fall when I start working every single day, without a doubt, that means I am going to want a go-to everyday makeup routine. A consulting job in NYC is not really synonymous with my corporate internships I've had every summer, so I know I will want to look and feel my best at work.

The makeup routine I develop will undoubtedly be pretty minimal. I am just never going to be the girl who can (or wants to) do a full-face of makeup everyday. My mom rarely wears makeup, and it's just how I am. I like my face just the way it is, and I don't feel a pressure to make it "look better" just because it sometimes seems like what everyone else is doing! However, wearing a bit of makeup does make me feel better, so I want to get a routine down.

I was inspired recently by the Glossier ads that have been popping up on my Instagram feed and decided to place an order, in addition to placing a Sephora order for some clean beauty products.

I love a glowy, natural makeup look. I also love the idea of adding a colored eyeliner as a way to add an intriguing pop to my face when I'm going out, or a fun lipstick to spice up the simple, all-white outfit that I inevitably uniform myself in every summer.

The Products

Glossier's Generation G in "like" is my holy grail, favorite product ever. It adds the perfect pop of color to my lips and makes them look so full and plump. The color is the perfect berry shade, and it's really buildable so you can make it as a light or as punchy as you want! I just ordered my third tube of it!

I ordered this green/blue-ish gray eyeliner and I'm so excited to try it. I have grey eyes, so I think it would be fun to try and make them pop a little more.

I've heard great things about Glossier's Cloud Paint! I just ordered it in "puff" and "beam." I feel like it will be the perfect, easy way to brighten up my face and add a little color.

I've wanted to try this Charlotte Tilbury glow tinted moisturizer forever, so I ordered it this weekend. I love/prefer tinted moisturizers because they are generally pretty light coverage. This one looks like it would add such a dewy allover glow, which I am definitely down for.... so excited to try it out.

Doing my eyebrows is my favorite thing. I love filling them in because it instantly makes me feel better and more put together. This is my favorite tool! I am shade 2.5 for reference.

From Sephora, I ordered this Super Dew Highlighting Balm. It is by a clean beauty brand with great reviews... sign me up.

+ from the same clean beauty brand: this jelly lip gloss! I love the clear lip gloss look so much.

This highlighter (also clean beauty!) looks magical.

A few people I follow on Instagram have been applying castor oil to their eyelashes during quarantine and seeing amazing growth results. This organic, fair trade, clean castor oil is under $30 and has amazing reviews.

I love hydrating, radiance-boosting face oil. I ran out of my go-to face oil about a year ago, but when I was using face oil at night my skin never looked better. I would love to try this one. It is a triple threat-- serum, moisturizer, and primer! It has great reviews and is by another trusted clean beauty brand.

For fun, below are some inspiration photos of makeup looks I love:

Do you have any favorite natural makeup look products?


  1. cloud paint is my jam!! I use beam in the warmer months and puff in the colder months, I think it makes me look tanner in the summer!

    1. ooh good to know! thank you! i'm glad those are the two shades I got... I feel like they'll be great!


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