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At Home Arm Workouts

Because I have prom round 2 coming up on Saturday, I've been looking for ways to quick tone my arms a little in preparation for another sleeveless dress (round one wasn't pretty, I'm telling you). I went out last night and bought a set of 4lb dumbbells so I always can have easy access to toning my arms when I'm not quite in the mood to drop everything, literally, to do a few push-ups. 

Here are a few great arm exercises I've cumulated and am really excited to try...

Toning your arms with no equipment... perfect for at home!
8 Minute arms! Imagine how ripped you could be if you did this everyday or every other... omg.

What are your favorite moves?


  1. Love this post! I might have to take your advice of buying weights for home because I want to do a workout from Pinterest and realize that I don't have any weights (and lets be real, I don't have access to Pinterest at the gym). Have fun at prom!


  2. I need to work on my arms and this post is the perfect motivation!


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