101 IN 1001 DAYS


{37 DONE, 64 TO GO!}

Come up with 101 things (6.24.16)
Go a month without shopping
Redesign / rebrand my blog to match my personal style (October '16)
Buy my own domain (October '16)
Move my blog to my own domain (October '16)
Design and produce a product I'm proud of
Do a blog partnership with a brand I love (Southern Proper, October '16)
Go to bed by 11 p.m. every night for 2 weeks (January '27)
Publish one new blog post each day for an entire month (February '16)
Instagram every day for a month
Produce 3 photo shoots for the blog
Keep a journal for a month
Read before bed every night for 2 weeks
Run a half marathon (6.13.16)
Run my favorite loop in Central Park again (4.16.16)
Climb a mountain (Cadillac Mountain, 8.19.16)
Learn to drive stick shift
Drive a vespa
Go 48 hours without my phone/computer/etc.
Go skydiving
Go scuba diving
Go cliff jumping (6.27.16)
Go on a real hike (2.5.16)
Go skinny dipping (July '16)
Go to a waterpark
Ride another roller coaster
Go on a road trip (2.5.16)
Stay overnight in Chicago with my friends
Skip school one day (#rebellious) (2.29.16)
Host a tea party
Have a picnic
Go to afternoon tea with my mom (2.29.16)
Host a brunch
Go fishing and catch something
Go camping (7.29.16)
Go surfing again
Go golfing again
Go skiing again (2.4.16)
Play croquet again
Spend a day at the lake with friends
Spend a day hanging out with my brother
Ride in a hot air balloon
Learn calligraphy (5.12.16)
Learn to French braid the right way
Re-learn to sail
Make a gallery wall in my room
Paint with watercolors
Do a DIY
Surprise someone (My trip to Door County, 7.8.16)

See 10 new movies (12/10; Erin Brockovich, Hell or High Water, the Shallows, Don't Breathe, JFK, End of Watch, Jackie, La La Land, Bad Moms, Beautiful Girls, 13 Hours, Whisky Tango Foxtrot)

Read 10 new books (4/10; Never Let Me Go, Liar, To All the Boys I've Loved Before, You Are a Badass)

Read 5 biographies

Make 5 new recipes (7/5; chocolate avocado smoothie bowl, healthy pancakesclassic avocado toast, chipotle roasted cauliflower, green mango smoothie bowlthanksgiving kale salad, avocado toast w/ parsley and feta)

Try 20 new brunch locations 21/20

Cafe Centraal (MKE) Wolf Peach (MKE) District Hand-pies (NOLA) By Chloe (NYC) The Hungry Monkey (Newport, RI) Blue's Egg (MKE) Rosewater (MV) Al Johnson's (Door County) Right Fork Diner (MV) Mad Rooster (MKE) Holy Moly Doughnuts (MKE) Story Hill BKC (MKE) Two Hand's (NYC) Doughnut Plant (NYC) People's Kitchen (PA) Blue Sky Cafe (PA) Billy's Downtown Diner (PA) Juice Generation Acai Bowls (NYC) Little Collins (NYC) The Grange (Providence, RI) Greenmouth (PA)
Meet another blog friend (Jenna Sweeney, KJP, Sarah Vickers 4.19.16)
See an exhibit at the art museum
Donate my hair (2.1.16)
Donate blood
Learn to use a curling iron (May '16)
Hit 10K Instagram followers
Be featured in/on a major blog, magazine or newspaper I love
Be featured on an Instagram account I love (Mark and Graham)
Write for a blog, magazine, or newspaper I love
Attend Lollapalooza
Attend an NHL hockey game
Attend a Patriot's game
Visit Martha's Vineyard (July '16)
Visit Nantucket
Visit L.A.
Travel to 3 new states (3/3: Maine (August '16), New Jersey (October '16), Texas (November '16))
Attend a polo match
Attend a tennis match
Spend a weekend in New York with my mom
Spend a weekend in New York with my dad (4.15.16 // 8.12.16)
Attend New York Fashion Week
Watch the sunrise (8.6.16)
Watch the sunset (8.19.16)
Go waterskiing again
Go tubing again (7.3.16)
Sleep on a boat
Sleep under the stars
Visit at least 3 of my friends wherever they are for college
Get a job or internship in college
Get a fun job for summer
Spend a day at the beach with all of my friends
Vote in a presidential election (November '16)
Rush a sorority (I pledged Alpha Phi on 1.22.17)
Learn to define my “personal style”
Build a wardrobe I love
Get rid of all of the clothes I don't wear or don't love in my wardrobe
Save up and buy myself something exciting
Start playing the piano again
Find my signature scent (Daisy, Marc Jacobs)
Develop my beauty routine
Successfully give up added sugar for a week
Successfully keep my Lenten promise for all of Lent
Work out everyday for a month
Attend a yoga or pilates class once a week for a month
Get my own debit card (4.18.2016)
Buy someone's drink behind me at Starbucks
Give a gift just because!

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