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My Winter Break Uniform

I am officially back on campus from winter break, so I plan to spend my day unpacking and organizing before classes tomorrow. My month long break was just what I needed; from Christmas in Dallas, to New Years in Chicago, another weekend in Chicago when my New York trip got cancelled, fitting in lots of runs and even a few hours of work, it wasn't a month full of doing nothing but actually filling my days with fun and productivity, and I always prefer that! Not to say I didn't binge on a new tv show (who else loves This is Us?!), but I really loved the balance I found between getting stuff done and relaxing while being off school.

Today Caroline and I are doing a little collab to share our winter break uniforms. I pretty much live in my BDG skinny jeans all year, my LL Bean boots in the winter, and this season I could not seem to take off my Tommy Hilfiger red coat! I got this coat on Black Friday for an amazing deal and it is one of my favorite new pieces. I love this coat because winter winds are the worst, and this baby has not just a hood, but a collar that zips up to half of your face and totally protects from the cold. I have never had a winter coat with this feature and it is such a game changer. I picked the red color because I wanted something more fun than my classic black Patagonia, and duh, Wisconsin!!

Another piece to note: this Mango sweater is amazing. It is so soft and I love the higher neckline! I had been eyeing this striped sweater from KJP for so long but when Mango had 30% off all of their sweaters a couple months ago, I figured I might as well pick up this striped one. It is now on sale for only $20! I wear it often (in this Instagram post, for example!) and it is so comfortable. I got a medium and it is definitely too big... remember this pink coat? Why is that huge too? What's wrong with me! Point is, I should have gone true to size and gotten a small.

Last but not least, my Daniel Wellington watch! I love this little watch because it's classic and small, and the diamonds add the perfect feminine accent. I wear it almost everyday, and definitely everyday to classes at school. I like wearing a watch for fashion, but I really do use and definitely feel lost without one on days that I don't wear one!

Before I end this-- let's have real talk for a second. Notice how my face isn't really showing in any of these photos? I deleted all of the smiling/straight on/portrait focused photos from this shoot. Do you ever just have those days where you feel like no matter what you do your face is not cooperating?! Me on this day. It happens to all of us! Just had to put that out there :)

coat // hat c/o // sweater // jeans // boots // watch c/o

What does your winter break uniform look like? Don't forget to check out Caroline's here.


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