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Style and Judgement

We all judge others by how they appear. And if that statement doesn't apply to you then consider yourself guaranteed a spot in heaven because you must not sin at all. 

It's almost impossible to meet someone new and not come up with a predetermined idea of what they must be like or how they might act. In fact, something that I struggle with a lot in my life is that people pre-judge me based on what I wear, how I speak, and how I look. I'm not going to lie, I've never met anyone in my life who has actually met me in person for the first time and didn't think I was a brat. That's always the word they choose, too. 

For the parlance of our time, I'm not going to put this any other way. Because I'm a teenager and I dress decent (for my age), I come off as snooty and it doesn't help my case that my natural look is a big case of judgmental eyes. I don't like my voice either, because no matter what I say I sound like a snob! A big problem I've run into in my life is that once people meet me there is already such a predetermined idea of who I am stamped into their minds that they don't even make it past my outfit before they can see my personality. There are a lot of things about every person that you can't pick up the first time you meet them. First impressions are deceiving! It's especially hard for people like me who seem to be the triple threat of bad qualities and underneath we aren't actually terrible human beings. The challenge that you run into is something so difficult to conquer because you don't need to sacrifice style to appear more genuine, and at the end of the day how much can you change how you look or how you speak?!

The problem that lies within society is the fact that no matter how much you alter your personality, the noticeable difference will be how much you alter your exterior appearance and presence. It's sad to see so many beautiful people lack ambition because other people don't take an extra minute to see the beauty that lies within that person as well. 


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  1. Love love LOVE this post Fran! It's so true and it's nice that you're speaking from the heart! Good job!



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